Aptamil Pronutra

Breast milk is the baby's best food, but also will bring many benefits. It is important that you maintain a healthy, balanced diet from preparation to breastfeeding. If your baby is breastfeeding and formula feeding for the first few weeks of your birth, your breast milk may be reduced, and then it may be more difficult to breastfeed again. When using infant formula, consideration should be given to the social or economic implications. Improper use of infant formula, or improper feeding of food or methods may jeopardize your baby's health. If infant formula is used, the formula should be properly formulated and fed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. – Failure to follow instructions may result in sick baby. Consult your doctor, midwife or healthcare professional about feeding your baby Views. Click the “I agree” button to view the Aptamil product information for mothers and infants. If you choose to continue, you agree that Aptamil is providing this information for your information, at your request.